Afternoon Teas 

The Mad Hatter said it best: "It's always tea time."

Join us once every month for Afternoon Tea at the House and enter into brief moment of whimsy as you delight in tea and bites. Bring your people, dress in your tea-party best, and transport yourselves to a moment in time that will not soon be forgotten. Get a sneak peak into our seasonally crafted tea tiers from Chef Caleb and Quincy Bake Shop below. 


Book now for the 2023 Afternoon Tea dates below:

When booking, make sure you include all adults in your party by purchasing a Traditional Tier for each adult. Gluten-free? Simple add the 'Gluten Free' add on when reserving your table.

For children, simply add on the amount of 'Children's' tea tiers for each child in attendance.

Don't be late to book this very important date! 

*Sometimes booking through the mobile app will not list availability in future months. We suggest booking on your desktop.

See our upcoming experiences on Open Table.


The Traditional Tea Tier

On The Tiers 

Enjoy a seasonal tea sandwhich, fruit, quiche, side salad, and seasonal Quicy Bake Shop scone and assortment of delicious sweets! 


Custom Bradford House x INARI Hot Breakfast Tea or

Custom Bradford House x INARI Iced Peach Tea. 

Add a bit of sparkle to your afternoon with a bottle of champagne or prosecco! 

The Gluten Free Tea Tier

On The Tiers 

Freshly prepared seasonal sandwhich, fruit, side salad, and Gluten-Free sweets from Quincy Bake Shop

All items are gluten-free 


Custom Bradford House x INARI Hot Breakfast Tea or 

Custom Bradford House x INARI Iced Peach Tea 

Add a little sparkle to your afternoon with a glass of champagne or prosecco! 

The Children's Tea Tier

On The Teirs 

Arriving for their grand debut at the grown ups table, kids can enjoy a menu curated for their taste palate. Children are sure to delight in the sweet taste of a crustless PB&J, fruit, and sweet treats from Quincy Bake Shop. 


Selection of Two 

Hot Cocoa, Apple Juice, or Chocolate Milk